Calista Flockhart got her big break in the ’90s with her starring role in Ally McBeal. Despite appearing in several successful shows since, she seems to be missing in action lately. Where is Calista Flockhart, and what has she been up to?

Even those who don’t know Calista Flockhart from her own work are probably familiar with her husband, Harrison Ford. Flockhart and Ford got together in 2002 after meeting at the Golden Globes, and they went public with their relationship in 2003. Despite their 22-year age gap, the couple has been inseparable ever since. As former Ally McBeal co-star James Marsden explained,

When Ford isn’t acting, he’s passionate about aviation. But in March 2015, the actor was taken to the emergency room after being injured in a plane crash. Naturally, Flockhart didn’t want to leave Ford’s side, and when he was released from the hospital, she was reportedly completely focused on helping him recover. It’s more than understandable that someone might want to dial back on work after such a cary experience like that. Keep watching to learn Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Calista Flockhart Anymore!

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Family comes first | 0:16
No more movies | 1:10
Not a workaholic | 1:41
Easing into retirement? | 2:15
Different priorities | 3:03
Bad press | 3:39
The rumor mill | 4:25
Ally McBeal reboot | 5:15

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29 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won't Cast Calista Flockhart Anymore

  1. I JUST started watching Ally McBeal on Hulu in Apr 2020 during the coronavirus lockdown. I’m halfway through season 2. I have a question. Are we meant to like, admire, relate with, or pity this pathetically waifish character? I simply cannot overstate how much she irritates me. Does anyone out there know anyone as clumsy, self involved, obtuse, and uninteresting as this Harvard Law School graduate? Can anyone explain her at all?

  2. Are used to be said that Europeans work to live, how many Americans are getting wise to we work so we can really live a better life. A W

  3. Watching her in Midsummer Nights' Dream was the first time Shakesphere speak felt like a natural fluid language.

  4. She has not aged well. She had a lot of plastic surgery in het 30s!! Seems as if Harrison made a fubar!!!

  5. I’m here coz I’m looking for Ally McBeal episodes😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Well, truth is when you're married to Harrison Ford you really don't need to work. So, there you have it.

  7. She was very cute when she was young, but never was a good actor, that's why, once youth left she had no more offers.

  8. I can't believe I'm watching this. I've reached a new pandemic/shelter in place/boredom low. 😳

  9. The Title “Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Calista Flockhart Anymore” is Click Bate, Fake News and Misleading.

  10. These videos are odd as, for example, Calista Flockhart's most recent acting job only ended two years ago. Definitely not long enough ago to say "Hollywood won't." All these Why Hollywood Won't Cast "insert name" Anymore videos are in this same vein of problems. Another problem these videos have is that "insert name" a lot of times are working, just not in anything big movie/advertised/blockbuster worthy. Some actors today don't work often but live off the fame the press give them and it makes people not realize they aren't working. That seems another issue.

  11. Her plastic surgery was always distractingly bad and her acting is the most obnoxious I’ve ever seen.

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