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David Schwimmer became a Hollywood sensation while starring as the lovably nerdy paleontologist Ross Geller on the iconic sitcom Friends. Not only did the show allow him to stretch his legs as both an actor and a director, but his newfound fame meant he could probably have his pick of film and future TV opportunities after the series finale aired. Fast forward a decade and a half from that fateful final episode, and Schwimmer’s career is but a shadow of what some of his co-stars have accomplished since the days at Central Perk. So, why hasn’t he enjoyed the same kind of fame as some of his peers? Here are some theories as to why David Schwimmer’s career seems to have sunk…

The fame game | 0:46
Little seen successes | 1:38
Returning to the stage | 2:09
Hit and miss | 2:53

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37 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won't Cast David Schwimmer Anymore

  1. Once you become famous, it's hard to manage a career. If you're in a position where you think you had your time, first of all, it does not matter if other people don't get your talent. Also, don't despair! There might be someone wanting to work with you and you're not even aware of it. 😺😺🧡

  2. everybody goes through their own stuff – seems he does what he loves 🙂

  3. Well, He made a movie called run fat boy run. That probably offended the majority ofleftist hollyweird who now see the "fat'' as an offensive tabboo subject.

  4. I always thought that after Friends he would make movies kind like Adam's Sandler.

  5. So the title says ‘why Hollywood won’t cast David Schwimmer anymore’ is there anything in the video that’s about that?!

  6. Damn my finger slipped to the dislike button just the second I tried to sub to you, maybe it heard the misinformed shit you talk about people you barely do research on :/

  7. 4 minutes an one second later, I still have no idea why Hollywood won't cast David Schwimmer anymore..

  8. The more I’m into friends, the more I like his acting. I believe he is a skilled actor since he played Ross from when he was a heartbroken divorced man to when he became a successful professor. I think it’s his asset for him to be able to play two distinctive traits.

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