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Jaden Smith was once a promising actor, but something happened on his rise to fame to cause him to disappear from the spotlight. While children of Hollywood stars often find it difficult to step out of the shadows cast by their famous folks, Jaden has been doing everything in his power to create his very own shadow since the moment he was old enough to perform. But as Jaden grew from a young boy to a young man, his relationship with Hollywood began to sour. The early box office promise he’d shown all but vanished, and the actor/rapper/philosopher has been distancing himself from Hollywood ever since…

After Earth aftermath | 0:43
Odd reputation | 1:26
Science over cinema | 3:08
Under critical review | 4:03
‘No support’ in L.A. | 4:45
Netflix ‘n fail | 5:30
An anime ‘train wreck’ | 5:56
All about the music | 6:44
Can he turn it around? | 7:58

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31 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won't Cast Jaden Smith Anymore

  1. Satan gives power to whomever he will save. Their time is up, Jesus/ yashaya is coming back….

  2. Simply he's a crappy actor, but it ain't all his fault imo. Perhaps his Dad should step back and let the kid mature. Judge him again in 10 – 15 years time, no matter what he chooses to do.

  3. Hollywood: Jaden sucks…
    Us: what about "The day the earth stood still"…. "pursuit of happiness" or "karate kid"…

  4. His DAD is The WORST actor I've EVER SEEN, MOST BLACK ACTORS are STUPID, most of them YOU can't understand ANYWAY!!!

  5. "Once a promising actor"? I don't think his dad promising him a future counts. Even nepotism has its limits.

  6. He just trying to find his way…maybe not an actor nor a singer..continue with being a community activist

  7. Jealous Toads!! If there's ONE thing I HATE is a Kid Basher. And as long as he's Will and Jada's son…. there's hope. Loved Karate Kid. I don't think people get what it's like to be the son of 2 Icons. Glad he gave up on Hollywood. All those people care about is Dollars.

  8. The kid is just whacked and used to just doing WHATEVER and getting a pat on the back from mom and dad……Just face it NONE of us has had or will ever have the privileges and financial backing of mom and dad like this kid has had. and hell yeah he and his loony tune sister are spoiled AF…. But maybe just maybe they will grow out of it……nah fat chance of that !!!! and After earth wasn't that bad of a flick but his so-called acting SUCKED…Just asking but with all the things he attempted to do was ACTING classes one of them ????? Just asking !!!!

  9. Jaden you just be clam take your time do what you like enjoy what you do star will come don't focus on that if it comes happy it don't just be you

  10. Poor Baby… Mystery schools? F**** right.. I love that he's going in this direction.. Hes obvi realizing what I have that MOST people don't get it , don't have the intelligence to research what hes talking about, AND there is a reason why these things have been hidden. An UGLY reason but still a powerful reason that shouldn't be … Jaden should first acquire some wisdom before coming out all over the damn board.. Its a HUGE responsiblity to be a celebrity . Jaden, I promise you there are others who know about Thoth . I know he's getting an ugly dose of Hollywood's suffocation and selfishness.. I'm not on the suffocation/selfish side baby boy "they" have taken out bigger than you.. Get your ego in check , play some chess.. nuff sai

  11. This is the problem with homeschooling celebrity kids they live in a self obsessed delusional bubble. Kids who've struggled came from nothing and came up in he world through redemption and determination have way more substance and character to offer than these punk kids!

  12. lemme be the first to say I loved "After Earth"…I'm sad that others hated it. I hope that Jaden Smith knows that he is loved and inspirational to many…especially this old lady.

  13. Honestly jaden should never even try to be an actor this kid has not talent whatsoever sometimes being related to famous people is not enough if you don’t have the talent to back it up

  14. 8:42 minutes of grown adults attacking a kid who could easily sit at home spending his parents money but instead fights for his own lane, says a lot about the world. If only they would spend more time concentrating on their own shit instead of hating on him, they might just make something of themselves.

  15. Leave him alone.. he's young and still trying to figure out what he loves to do.

  16. He will never be as good is Will Smith simply because he’s a spoiled kid from California

  17. Jaden is the poster child for the perils of New Age home schooling. He's grown up in a petri dish of non critical, coddling bullshit where his every utterance is treated as a mystical masterpiece. In reality he's a confused, deluded fraud with no personality or self awareness.

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