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Jennifer Hudson, the loveable girl-next-door with a powerhouse voice, was enjoying a sensational rise to fame 10 years ago. Despite not making the quarterfinals of American Idol in 2004, she still managed to carve out a promising career. Hudson even went on to star as Effie in the hit movie Dreamgirls, and won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.
Nothing seemed to stop the Chicago native, and her debut album won a Grammy for Best R&B album in 2009. However, her fame has faded over the past few years, leading some to wonder how such a talented performer has could ever not be on the A-list. Here are a few reasons why her career might’ve stalled…

From huge hits to massive flops | 0:44
The family tragedy that shook the world | 1:14
A whole new role | 1:53
Diet diva | 2:18
Losing the musical muscle | 2:44
Taking the stage | 3:19
Time for a turnaround | 3:49

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40 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won't Cast Jennifer Hudson Anymore

  1. I am a huge fan, and hope she bounces back on her terms. Hollywood is dog eat dog!

  2. Hollywood just cast her as Aretha Franklin for the movie Respect, so this video is just utter bullshit lol

  3. She doesn't need Hollywood, shes the queen of tributes. When they need someone to sang with some soul they need her she doesn't need Hollywood. I hope she charges the hell out them.

  4. Jennifer Hudson blood sacrificed her whole entire family for her fame & fortune. Sad to say only people with eyes to see know what's going on.

  5. She is playing Aretha in the movie Aretha.. soon going to be released. May be she get another oscar nom

  6. Wait she has 4 movies in the works and on 2 shows lol Staring as Aretha Franklin so ho no one casting her?


  8. Jennifer, is now shooting the role of Queen of Soul. Can't wait to see it!!!

  9. Give these people a break ! They work hard and should not have to keep up anyway . Enjoy the blessings Jennifer .

  10. 2017 Why Hollywood Won't Cast Jennifer Hudson Anymore
    2020 Jennifer Hudson: R E S P E C T, find out what it means to me, R E S P E C T,…

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  12. I think she is a wonderful vocalist . I will take her anyday over those autotuned digitally enhanced pop barbie dolls.

  13. So it's time to go ahead and delete this video. She just played in CATS and is now playing Aretha Franklin (hand chosen by Aretha herself.)

  14. jhud's career took a tumble and you know it because of her fucked up personal life. She started cheating on her fiancee' lied on him not being a decent father, while she rolled around in bed with some other man and ran around the world trying to support her career while he stayed home and looked after their child, called the police to have him removed from their home, and lied on him in court claiming he was abusive and threatened her all of it ultimately being proven to be untrue. Then she showed her arrogance and stupidity when she made a scene at an awards show and demanded some singer Lord Kraven be tossed out coz she was mad he gave an interview about the tragic deaths of her mother and brother without her permission! Her career is tanking because people now see her for the arrogant self-centered bitch she really is and are backing away. Didn't help that we found out she joined that satanic group baphomet in L.A. to try an help her career!

  15. So basically she’s doing great, has had setbacks like any other human but continues to land jobs and brand deals? Gotcha.

  16. Because she supports Trump. Crazy after possibly sacrificing her entire family that Hollywood still kicked her for supporting Trump.

  17. Somebody write the music to her she deserves and she will become the new queen of soul. So talented, so powerful and such an amazing person. The greatest sound singer alive. I can’t wait to hear and see her as Aretha Franklin in the upcoming movie, and I expect the music to hit the billboards.

  18. I thought she sacrificed for family, for fame & fortune, mmm maybe not 🤔

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