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John Cusack has played some of the most iconic roles of all time. From Say Anything to High Fidelity, Bullets Over Broadway to Being John Malkovich, Cusack has charmed audiences for decades. But although the talented, versatile actor has been in the business over 30 years, his career isn’t what it used to be. Why? Let’s take a look back and see why John Cusack hasn’t graced our screens for a while…

He called Hollywood “a whorehouse” | 0:23
Writing films | 1:02
Politically active | 1:43
Aging out of the rom-com | 2:55
Straight to DVD | 3:59
Critically ignored | 4:40
Things to come | 5:13

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33 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won't Cast John Cusack Anymore

  1. John Cusack has always been his own man. So this isn’t anything new. It’s observations about Hollywood and the mindnumbing factory that it is it’s just plain truth. His activism for the protection of journalists and our freedom of speech is much needed. He could just sit around and count his money and stay at the beach and do whatever he wanted to do but he chose to do this this is a guy that has a passionFor justice and righteousness Our rights need to be protected and to think that they are is pretty naïve especially freedom of speech I’m glad he’s out there doing this work because for whatever reason I am doing so brings attention to this cause

  2. Because he’s a washed up progressive out of touch actor! Typical of the privileged out of touch Hollywood type. Fck em!

  3. He was criticising Hollywood waayyy before. I remember him bringing up the ageism women experience in Hollywood such a long time ago. Only now are some celebrities speaking up against it but its like easier to jump on that bandwagon, with the whole Weinstein thing etc. He had guts to stand up to that stuff, while most actors couldn't care less.

  4. It is public knowledge that John Cusack likes little boys. He should be in jail and chemically castrated.

  5. John Cusack has more to him, than his list of films.What actors haven't done ,some unpopular films?Been a fan of the man,not just the actor,from the beginning…and will continue to support all his choices.Serendipity…loved it!!!❤❤

  6. because he is a moron ——Actor John Cusack is the latest Hollywood star to jump on off-the-wall conspiracy theories railing about the alleged dangers of powerful new 5G networks, which some claim weaken human immunity, making people more susceptible to COVID-19.

    “5 – G wil [sic] be proven to be very very bad for people’s health,” tweeted the star of the 2000 movie based on Nick Hornby’s “High Fidelity” novel.

    “I got sources in scientific community – and medical,” he claimed Tuesday — angrily calling his critics “just DUMB” and “ f—ing Sheep.”

  7. He played a serial killer. It just seems like people who take a role in serial killer movies they don't get casted anymore. It kills your career. I don't think there should be any serial killer movies at all. How do you think the victims feel who lost someone to a serial killer. Hollywood glorifies serial killer's smh, smh

  8. Grosse Point Blank is one of my favourite films ever, likewise Bullets Over Broadway. Cusack is so good in both of them

  9. His trump deranged syndrome has mashed his mind The world is fighting against covid19 he wants another impeachment Douche shut up What makes you a voice of anything other than. How much coke is too much

  10. Perhaps because he is talentless and irrelevant?? Every now and then he makes some ‘political statement’ in hopes of keeping his name out there. He had his 15 minutes of fame, now please just go away!

  11. I remember Cusack saying in the 90s, something like every "Con Air" he does lets him do a "Grosse Pointe Blank," making it very clear that he didn't view all film projects equally and he was totally fine making movies for a paycheck if it allows him to do the projects he really wants.

  12. John Cusack is a brave progressiv activist and there shoud be more of his kind instead of puppets that are silent because its convinient. John go on making a differnts. Olaf Jazzmusician Copenhagen Denmark

  13. Is true Hollywood is a whorehouse , but mostly because of his political points of view, anti establishment neoliberal imperialism capitalism.

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