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Nina Dobrev scored her big break playing Mia Jones on Degrassi: The Next Generation in 2006, before becoming better known as Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries three years later. After leaving the dramatic teen fantasy series behind in 2015, she went on to appear in The Final Girls, a slasher comedy film that received praise from critics. It looked like she was in a perfect position to rule the entertainment industry as Hollywood’s next go-to leading lady. But apart from a handful of movies and TV guest spots, she’s been pretty quiet. Since there’s a lot about Dobrev’s career that fans may have missed since she left Mystic Falls, let’s answer the question on everyone’s mind: Why won’t Hollywood cast Nina Dobrev anymore?

Surprising Vampire Diaries exit | 0:37
The wrong projects | 1:06
Tabloid fodder relationships | 1:38
Being a role model | 2:21
Flatliners flop | 2:49
Run This Town backlash | 3:20
Turning it around | 4:08

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43 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won't Cast Nina Dobrev Anymore

  1. She'd seriously nail a femme fatale role. Someone get her one, I wanna see a film with that!

  2. Who else thinks that it is because she is not as beautiful as she was in TVD?

  3. Last time I checked she is still doing movies therefore she is still being cast get your facts straight.

  4. Her show Fam tanked & the girl playing Nina's sister carried the first season.

  5. I hate Elena Gilbert so much that's it's hard for me to watch anything she's in😩😩

  6. Oh, I guess she doesn’t want to sleep with Hollywood executives like Harvie … so there is not quick way to the top, like so many others did

  7. Your caption to this video and what the actual video was is so different.

  8. My bad…….never heard of her.

    Saw her on the Daily Show.

    Not a fan.

    She came out with her hand sanitizer….ok…moderately clever.

    My criticism is that as the studio audience cheered her onto the set …… she never even once acknowledged the people who facilitate her revenue….not once. Olympian disdain was her energy.

    Not a fan.

  9. I would not be worry for her she had her moment some actors do not have at all, and probably earn money yearly from TVD's right for the rest of her life. I'm worrying about my own career more than hers because she obviously doing just fine.

  10. Nina Dobrev is my greatest celebrity crush on Hollywood……….😘😍🤩❤️💕💞💓💗💖♥️💘❣️💋

  11. Is it only me or Nina just looks a bit older than she actually is almost everytime
    (No hate thought i love her and this was kinda off topic)

  12. She could audition for a role in an action packed film/TV series; whether it's Marvel, DC, or neither. Plus, she could do more of what she has been doing outside of acting.

  13. All these people being butthurt in the comments 😂 they are saying that she didn’t/hasn’t reached her peak (or projected potential). To me, she isn’t as relevant as she was when she was on TVD, unless you seek her roles out then she isn’t in the public eye

  14. I understand her reasons. What are you going to do with fame and lots of money if you aren't happy anymore. Maybe she don't wanna live her life with the expectations of many. Leaving the show because it's just so hard ( even you're a professional actress ) to be with ur ex and doing very intimate scenes and knowing that ur ex is dating one of your friends. I just felt so sad for her she's just a human she have feelings too. Well REAL FANS will understand her. It saddens me of the fact that she left the show but I love her, I understand her and I'm respect her decision. All love nina 💞

  15. And the fact again that she is just mainly Elena Gilbert to most of us.. 🙂
    ..Imagine Ridge Forrester (Ron Moss) being someone else (convincing).
    Or some Twin Peaks characters..

  16. That's ok she's doing another TV Show dating a Black man. It's funny show I like it. So how is she hurting.

  17. Yet, you're not even listing "why Hollywood won't cast her anymore ." You're just listing her past and upcoming things. -_-

  18. I love her. She is so awesome. I would like to be like her. So smart,beautifull and good person. She will always be one of my fav actors. And yes,she dissapointed me with leaving tvd so soon. When she left,i stop watching it and still didnt xD

  19. I didn't even watch a vid. Just came to comment:



  20. I think what this channel was trying to say is while yes she's starred in a lot of things since vampire diaries, those things didn't do good. Ppl just completely skipped that information

  21. This video is stupid… Nina is a successful actor… U prove it urself in this video

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