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English actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer and notorious prankster Sacha Baron Cohen is known for pushing the envelope with his original characters. From British suburban rapper Ali G to Kazakhstani journalist Borat, Cohen’s antics have established him as a household name. But we haven’t heard much from the controversial actor lately, which makes us wonder: why won’t Hollywood cast Sacha Baron Cohen anymore?

Retired characters | 0:24
Too risky | 1:18
Disruptive and destructive | 1:59
Too offensive | 3:25
He bailed on Queen | 4:20
Diminishing returns | 5:00

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30 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won't Cast Sacha Baron Cohen Anymore

  1. He could have tried playing villains role as people have become so intolerant of satire.

  2. he's a brilliant comedian like rowan Atkinson. playing dumb and stupid role on the scene but have Cambridge degrees and such in real life.

  3. Sacha Barón Cohen is one of the best actors in history, and by far the one with bigger balls, nowadays everything that is good and wants to go a little over the edge is automatically censured and destroyed

  4. I think Borat and Dictator were really nice movies…. Yeah little wierd but really fun to watch….. So much comedy….

  5. You are the genius. Liberals won't admit but they like it too. They are to scared to see their own suppressed bigotry manifest in your movies which actually undermine racial discrimination but they ignore it.
    The brothers Grimsby and the dictator bjth were incredible movies. They had me bawling with laughter.
    You are one of the greatest comedian of the decade 😘👍👍👍

  6. Too many people are worried about getting their feelings hurt. They act as if someone’s humor physically hurts them and takes away their liberties. We need natural selection more than ever.

  7. They won’t cast him cuz of all the sentimental weirdos in the world lol this dude is mad funny hope he makes fun of my race next 😭🤣

  8. I will never share the same love for the dictator as I do borat because it was so damn obvious the dictator was fake. The great part about borat is that no one knew he was fake

  9. 2006 people were racist 2020 the same 2006 racist now get offended if you say anythinggg back -_-

  10. He was originally supposed to play Freddy Mercury in the biopic…not gunna lie I would have LOVED to have seen him play it.

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