Counting down 10 celebrities and actors,Hollywood has no plans on working with anytime soon!

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10. Amanda Bynes
9. Tobey Maguire,
8. John Travolta
7. Shia Labeouf
6. Eddie Murphy
5. Taylor Lautner
4. Freddie Prinze Jr
3. Jessica Alba
2. Christopher Mintz-Plasse
1. Lindsay Lohan

Why Hollywood Won’t Cast These 10 Actors Anymore


27 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won’t Cast These 10 Actors Anymore

  1. They want us to comment what he missed in the video. Okay how about the Why, why won’t Hollywood cast them anymore?

  2. Amanda Bynes walked away she retired she quit Hollywood they didn’t quit her.

  3. Misleading heading. John Travolta has done 3 pictures this year. If some of these people are still doing movies, obviously someone in Hollywood is casting them….

  4. Ok…but why won't Hollywood hire them anymore? You talked about everything except what the title suggests would be the content..?

  5. Amanda Bynes
    Toby McGuire
    John Travolta
    Shia LeBouf
    Eddie Murphy
    Taylor Lautner
    Freddie Prince Jr.
    Jessica Alba
    Christopher Mintz-plasse
    Lindsey Lohan

    Sorry for any misspelling!

  6. Eddie Murphy is back! Dolemite is awesome & he’s making coming 2 America! Back on top in my eyes.

  7. Eddie Murphy is making a comeback so u were wrong to count him out. He did Dolomite, in 12/2020 Coming to America 2 comes out and he will hosting Saturday Night Live😏

  8. I mean.. he was in this huge movie recently, and did very well in that other one. But other than that, let's just hope he makes a resurgence soon! Wtf

  9. Fucking dick head this doesn’t say y Hollywood won’t cast them. Prick!!!

  10. A quick wiki search shows that John Travolta has already done three movies this year. So, I gotta call bullshit.

  11. Eddie Murphy chose not to work Will several millions in the bank, he needs not to work .

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