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In the fickle world of Hollywood, it’s hard for a star to rise to fame — and exceptionally easy for them to fall out of the public’s good graces. A couple of box office flops, some personal issues, or even a decision to take time off could spell career disaster. For these actors, their towering celebrity status just isn’t what it used to be. Here’s why…

Dane Cook | 0:21
Jim Carrey | 1:29
Matthew Fox | 2:33
Jessica Alba | 3:29
Sarah Michelle Gellar | 4:18
Billy Zane | 5:17
Tom Welling | 5:55
Christopher Mintz-Plasse | 6:28
​Katherine Heigl | 7:07
Jennifer Love Hewitt | 8:22
Taylor Momsen | 9:18
Julia Stiles | 10:10

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40 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won't Cast These 12 Actors Anymore

  1. Did you really say “Baby Daddy”???” Do you idiot millennials realize that that term stems from a 90’s ghetto pop rap song and that it later became a pejorative (by decent people) for single mothers altogether?? Dear GOD i never thought I’d characterize an entire generation as classless but that’s precisely what you are: clueless, uninformed, low grade…the list of descriptives is far too long so we’ll just sum it up in that one word.

  2. Most of these actors were big in the 90s. They lost popularity and were typed casted.

  3. The only part of Jim Carrey I ever liked was in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, he really showed he could act here

  4. That's a lie about Jim Carry. He was just in Sonic the Hedgehog movie and had a guest spot on a talk show like a week ago. Get your facts straight!

  5. Many on this list were not that big of a deal to begin with – certainly not Jim Carrey status. Even the A-listers work to stay there and also there’s an element of being in the right place at the right time (LUCK) that makes a difference. I’m sure some these actors chose to wind things down and withdraw a bit from the rat race of staying on the A-list.

  6. Jim Carrey……..Yeah, Ace Ventura , liar liar , the mask, dumb and dumber , what becomes of the spotless mind , the Truman show , the grinch, me ,myself and Irene plus his net worth of 150 million 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think he had a pretty good career , don't you think ?

  7. These creeps are talentless, stupid, and who maniacs, like Trump and those who follow it

  8. Age and declining looks are a factor. Who would have predicted Julia Stiles would be a big star or was destined for stardom? She's interesting and intelligent but not a real looker. It shouldn't matter now in her career as much though so i guess a couple of bombs make it hard to get back. I liked her in The Bourne movies and Save the Last Dance for Me. Dane Cook was foisted upon the audience and I guess his humor didn't help him , not that he is haha funny. Jim Carrey had a great career so a career has to slow down. Though most of his movies I didn't like, he was great to watch and listen to on the tube. Billy Zane was great as a killer in Dead Calm but not so good in Titanic and most movies. Hollywood decides and then it's the audience that rejects there choices.

  9. Jim Carrey are my absolute favorite he is now making political art 🙏🏽❤️

  10. because hollywood is owned by a bunch of dictators just like the democraps in Washington

  11. Who the hell is Taylor Momsen?? She was Cindi Lou Hu…..Nothing else. You cannot fail if you never started.

  12. Ditto for Brendan Fraser and haven't seem much of Toby McQuire either and see that he's more into producing these days. Easy come, easy go! Some of these actors/actresses are no Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogarts or Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn of the Golden Age of Hollywood nor are they Meryl Streeps, Diane Keatons or Brad Pitt/Robert Redfords! Much of today's writing also leaves a lot to be desired and that's where it all begins…the writing and the directing as well! Takes a lot to stay at the top of their game! Been watching and studying films for almost 75 years now since the 1950s, much in the quality has gone down hill save for those nominated for Best Picture and top awards!

  13. It's a shame… because some of these actors and actresses are really talented

  14. I witnessed Christopher Mintz-Plasse shooting his shot and getting HARDCORE shut down by this hot girl at Bonnarroo

  15. Jim Carry is signed for the new Sonic movie in 2020 soo…. yeah, might have to remove him unless the movie flops

  16. Um, excuse me ma'am, but did you not see who was cast as Eggman in the new Sonic movie that they've fixed? I'll give you a hint: It certainly wasn't Bruce Wayne from Batman Forever xD

  17. Good for Jessica Alba, at least she knows she can get by fine without Hollywood.

  18. No there is too much competiton and you should do like Jennifer Aniston and Bruce Willis make movies day and night until you hit the jackpot.

  19. Somehow I just don't buy what you are selling!
    Most os these people have just grown up and moved on!

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