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When I grew up the only indian I remember on TV was Apu on the Simpsons, but in recent years we’ve seen an explosion of indians in Hollywood. Now, all of these indian actors and entertainers are extremely talented, but it seems that they are just getting their opportunity now – why is that? This topic was inspired by the release of Lily Singh’s new late night show, A Lil Late with Lily Singh

A few factors seem to play in – we explore how the global indian audience has grown, which has a lot to do with Reliance Jio and how accessible data has become in India. (especially this week with the release of Jio Fiber)

*Update: Bollywood movie, Gully Boy has been nominated for an Oscar, which further showcases the movement of Indian Entertainment into Hollywood.

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21 thoughts on “Why Indians are taking over Hollywood

  1. There’s too many Indians , they all need to be deported back to India , they are some of the worst people , they are arrogant ,think they are smarter than others when they are not, dirty ,and so mean with their money , always looking for a bargain

  2. I love 🇮🇳, if I had the chance I would love to be able to go there and live there also 😍

  3. I’ve always been a fan or India culture. Respect! I do wish I had India friends.

  4. Are they really though? I feel like the west is more obsessed with Japan, South korea, and same european nations more-so than indian culture. And I don't think this really represents them "taking over". For example kpop is growing at a rate of 22% every year. Btw I am not from america, and Lilly Signh's show is horrible but the rest on the list are good.

  5. That will never happen u lot are useless at moves u over act sing and dance in murder movies pure crap

  6. just one tip: put up the word "indian" in you thumbnail and title with a controversial phrase, it's gonna be viral.

  7. Every Indian knows that it's because of audience and every Indian knows that lot of reaction videos on youtube are fake reactions just to satisfy the audience and even I watch lot of reaction videos. Don't know why but it feels good when someone say such nice words about our country! That's the only reason! 🙂

  8. Meanwhile Pakistanis been crying in their lollywood ✌😂

    I'm not trying to be disrespectful I'm Pakistani myself

  9. Ofcourse indian immigrants have highest median income of all immigrants. They all just wanna be computer scientists, doctors, pharmacists and own businesses like hotels/motels, dunkins, diamond business in NY. They only choose money making fields.

    Literally if you wanna study something that's not science or business or "doctor", there is gonna be at least 10 uncles who is gonna tell you that you will have 8-5 jobs, low wage and blah blah…

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