Taylor Lautner, a hotty Jacob from Twilight – but is it all we can say about this actor?

How did his co-stars from the Twilight Saga become household names in their own right, except for Taylor Lautner?

What movies we can see Taylor Lautner in? So what happened to the actor who portrayed a werewolf Jacob Black.

Why Hollywood won’t cast Taylor Lautner? Taylor Lautner landed his first lead role in 2005. It was an adventure film called The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

The movie brought Lautner a nomination for Best Performance at the 2006 Young Artist Awards. In 2008 Taylor Lautner landed the role of Jacob Black in the now-iconic film Twilight.

The success of the very first movie far exceeded all expectations, and Taylor Lautner rose to an almost instant worldwide fame together with his co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

The actor gained approximately 30 pounds of muscle, which made his co-star Robert Pattinson worry about his own future on The Twilight Saga. Pattinson confessed that he was taken aback by Lautner’s body and even thought he’d be fired.

As soon as Twilight: New Moon hit the theaters, the director Chris Weitz acknowledged Lautner’s contribution to the success of the movie, which lead to infamous Team Edward and Team Jacob divide.

Lautner certainly knows how much he owes his success to The Twilight Saga. The success of Twilight made Taylor Lautner one of the highly-paid actors. But the studios were not ready to pay a tidy little sum to an actor, whose acting performance was … mmm… questionable.

Taylor Lautner got $5 million for his first after-Twilight lead role in Abduction. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t even manage to break on its budget domestically.

Taylor Lautner turned his face to comedy and soon got the role on the successful British sitcom ‘Cuckoo’ and played the main role in the second season of ‘Scream Queens’. So what’s Taylor Lautner up to now, if he’s not acting? Learn the rest by watching this video!

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  1. Taylor lautner…ooohhhhhhhh….almost perfect person….more handsome and sweet that i have ever seen

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  3. I clicked on here for 2 reasons.

    1. I’m an actor

    2. Why tf this man look like Pierce Brosnan now!

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  6. He actually starts in British TV shows now he clearly is just happy chilling out in life

  7. When you already make millions in your teen years, it’s time to enjoy your adulthood 🤗

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    He is not going to be in serious movies.

  12. I didn’t watch any of that Twilight crap or anything else he was in. First time I saw him was in the British comedy, Cuckoo, and he was really excellent! I had no idea who he was and he really made quite an impression on me. He’s very multi-talented. I’m in my 60s so I don’t get all the teenage swooning over him, but he’s definitely a talented guy. Give him a chance in Cuckoo if you haven’t yet. And if you like Britcoms.

  13. Bro Rob got jealous of Taylor cuz he worked his but off changing his body. So it made him jealous. He probably tried getting Taylor fired.

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