Bridgette Wilson-Sampras was once a regular fixture on our screens, but her acting career has dwindled over the past decade. Join us as we explore why she stepped back from Hollywood, despite being a major sensation.

Born Bridgette Wilson and raised in a small town in coastal Oregon, she competed in the Miss Teen USA pageant at age 16. Wilson won the contest, and became only the second-ever girl from Oregon to hold the title. In a post-win interview, Wilson told reporters that she hoped to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, and credited her family with helping her win the title. She told the Associated Press,

“I went in and I was going to give it my best shot, and whatever my best was, I was going to hope for the best…There are 51 beautiful girls here. I’m a sincere person, and I believe in myself, and having my family here was a help.”

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras quickly secured a small role in Saved by the Bell, and her popularity grew throughout the early ’90s. After an appearance in the Arnold Schwarzenegger-led blockbuster Last Action Hero, Wilson-Sampras was cast as Adam Sandler’s love interest in the movie Billy Madison. The role she’s best known for almost didn’t happen due to her work with Sandler, but a twist of fate would make sure that audiences always thought of Wilson-Sampras when they thought of Sonya Blade.

Watch the full video to see why this Mortal Kombat star disappeared from Hollywood.

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34 thoughts on “Why This Mortal Kombat Star Disappeared From Hollywood

  1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas quit acting to go to Harvard. You know, the kid from home improvement and several other movies and TV shows.

  2. I can almost guarantee that when they’re grinding, her husband hears the words “Finish her!!!”

  3. Hollywood is the crappiest it has ever been and has been going to shit for the last 25 years. When I was a kid growing up in the '70s ans'80s I dreamed of being an actor…..but today I would not wish it on my enemies. Those asshole Hollywood elitists who have a skewed view of real life, try to push their opinions on everyone else. If Hollywood started burning tomorrow I wouldn't even piss on it.

  4. Her name didn't register to me because you called her Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, not Bridgette Wilson at first.

  5. Brie Larson: I do all my own stunts.
    Avengers Cast: Eye Rolls.
    Bridgette Wilson: Hold my kale smoothie…

  6. Good let her and her husband set down. They've worked hard and made the fame and money. Good for her

  7. Sad that most relationships in life aren't as happily ever after like this. Wish it was that easy now days to just say "hey I want to meet her" and like clicking some Ruby slippers it's done deal. Stories like this make my stomach churn. Best of luck to you though.

  8. I wondered what happened to Bridgy. She was one of my favourite babes. Glad she followed her heart.

  9. cameron diaz…. cmon now. Brigette Wilson was the perfect actress for mortal kombat. i can’t fkn even imagine diaz in mortal kombat. hollywood is disgusting

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