Why You’re Going to See More Animation all over Hollywood (Thanks, Pandemic)

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39 thoughts on “Why You’re Going to See More Animation all over Hollywood (Thanks, Pandemic)

  1. If there isn’t a better time for VFX workers to strike for fair wages and better contracts with the studios then I don’t know when.

  2. Thank you, I don’t know why DC insists on releasing subpar live action films, I’d pay to see a lot of DC animated films.

    (Superman: Red Son, amazing film)

  3. Can’t read the whole thing. Legit old school animation or computer animation? I hope it’s the former.

  4. I want more films like Into the Spiderverse! To me it’s the peak form of visual storytelling.

  5. I would love that! I think some more animation would be a great thing. Maybe it could shake that whole “animation is for kids thing” and try and push it to more genres. 😀

  6. Idk… of two minds… i truly believe animation is the future (see amonzon’s “undone.”). It allows complete creative freedom and the ability to externalize internal thoughts/feelings.
    However, I’d hate to see anyone chasing dreams on an unfounded article.
    It’s been my understanding that animation is an incredibly slow and laborious approach.
    I see this as Hollywood’s cheap excuse to farm-labor their work, on the cheap, from foreign animation farms. I don’t think this does anything for top-shelf, or domestic animators.
    In other words, “make hay while the sun shines.” It’s not gonna shine forever.

  7. We’ll see more Elmer Fudd using a sickle and dynamite to hunt now instead of a shotgun?


    On a real note though, seeing the success of Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, this was almost a given.

  8. I’d love to see animated versions of stuff like Jaws, Aliens, Terminator, Jason Bourne. Some of the Alien and Terminator comics are really done well, so I’m imaging how cool an animated version would be.

  9. I’d be happy to watch all the old ones but, guess their all too politically incorrect now? No more bugs bunny at the Bowl or in Broadway? Neutered cartoons won’t get me watching…fyi

  10. Maybe I should have stayed in school… oh wait the $400 a credit would have sold my soul to student debt … sad face

  11. Spielberg’s working on ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2’, according to imdb so hopefully animation makes a mainstream comeback (fingers crossed)

  12. I’m cool with this. Animation is awesome and I hate how everyone thinks it’s geared towards children. That being said, please give me a Darkwing Duck reboot.

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