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50 thoughts on “Will Ferrell & Conan O’Brien More Desperate Hollywood Celebs Losing it Gitmo Style

  1. Not a footprint to be seen
    A kingdom of Isolation
    It's funny how some Distance makes everything seem small
    My power flurries through the air into the ground
    I'm never going back, the past is in the past
    Let it go Let it go!
    The Cold never bothered me anyway
    Let the storm rage on…

    Some Disney fragments I thought tied into this quite good…

  2. Love watching these idiots not able to cope like real men!
    Thier TRUST is in thier riches.

  3. Boy! Ferrell's mic sucks!! Why would he subject people to that? Even HIS braindead fans.

  4. At least ot took drugs and barrels of alcohol to ruin Nick Nolte and Mel Gibson. These guys are just…..pussies.

  5. You guys see Colbert? That guy looks like he's doing a drunken emotional rant on Christmas night because his family left him.

  6. It definitely does look like he’s picking up trash not taking the trash out probably part of his house arrest

  7. Fake, to be they want YOU. It's all a show a movie..its is proven that there is an up tick in underground bunkers ordered ship to Netherlands by these people.. also silicon valley Netherlands and in the middle of no where mini air strips popping up… Gitmo, my ass..

  8. Pathetic pedos trying to be funny!! BTW… MASKS ARE FOR SHEEPLE AND MISINFORMED! THEY LOWER BLOOD/oxygen level and increase co2levels, while rebreathing toxins and bacteria your body is trying to expel!! Lowering immunity and projecting fear!! Symbolically masks say”SHUTUP AND OBEY’. Wake up sheeple!!

  9. It's possible this abramovic pasta party attending Lolita express flying jewfro sporting 'comic' believes he's picking up where Chevy Chase left off.

  10. if Gitmo needs an "enhanced interrogator" for will farrell, i'll do it for room and board… actually, i don't even need room and board. i'll be too busy to eat or sleep

  11. Will looking like the 70 year-old version of Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lol

  12. Why youtube…I can care less what these people look like or what they have to say or what they do.🤮

  13. These two look like they are having terrible days. Gosh it must suck to have money and fame and no body gives a dam about their opinions. What most ppl don’t realize is these talk show host have big signs that ask the audience to laugh and now its recorded laughter….terrible terrible. I wouldn’t leave kids around neither one of these guys.

  14. William J Casey, Director of the C.I.A. 1981-1987: “We’ll know our disinformation programme is complete when everything the American public believes, is false.” ( Operation Mockingbird, 1948 – present.

    Well they had a good run.

  15. Wow he literally did the grabbler hand grab man look at these freaks, in ghoulish Fauci we trust there already dead man.

  16. This right here is why people should not worship other people I think I'm done with famous people because their a bunch of neurotic narcissists that are always looking for attention. Actors and sports have never been essential and are a distraction to what goes on in the world and that's why our world is spinning out of control because we weren't paying attention to what got us hear. Instead people are more worried about what's the knew trend or what the fuck the Kardashians are up too. It's stupid if it wasn't for OJ they would of never been famous and to stay relevant they have to show off how slutty they are and have taught young girls it's ok to be hoes. And then you add in SM and that is the recipe to destroy the future of this country

  17. This is what happens when you can't get your dose of adrenochrome these people are going to start aging very quickly

  18. They both eat poop and drink baby blood at their Hollywood satanic rituals.

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