– While working the tourists on Hollywood Blvd. as a street performer I always carried a pocket camera, when things got slow I would make chintzy productions with the other performers then stay up all night editing. After making over 300 short films I wrote a movie called Woggie, it’s about life as a Hollywood Character, I filmed it over a 3.5 year span. Enjoy, Abe R. Rated.


29 thoughts on “Wonder Woman and Supergirl fight over Superman on Hollywood Blvd. –

  1. Supergirl is Superman's cousin so why would she be fighting over him with Wonder Woman?

  2. @JusanothaUtuba You telling me if you and your cousin where the last 2 of your race you wouldnt atleast think about it to save your race ?

  3. supergirl fighting over superman? That's kinda gross since they're cousins. I guess that's how Kryptonians roll?

  4. This is in Hollywood?! Venice Beach isn't far from there, and this guy is the best that they could get to portray superman?! He's not Beefcake enough! 6'4 muscled up dudes abound in Venice Beach! c'mon!

  5. all these comments are cynical, sarcastic put-downs! let''s see the commenters step up…

  6. Um, I'm pretty sure Superman's supposed to have perfect teeth.
    Aside that, looks like Reeve.

  7. I could not agree more! I always pass by that place even if I need gas, I make sure to go to the next stop.

  8. Why would supergirl fight over superman? She's his cousin! Uh oh, kissing cousins…

  9. I went to a costume party with my girlfriend, she was dressed as wonderwoman. when we arrived there was a girl dressed as supergirl. My girlfriend kept making fun of her, saying things like supergirl wasn't Asian. after some words a and a few drinks they got into a fight. My girlfriend received a beating, and was topless and crying. she then got the nickname wonderboobs.

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