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Exploring the abandoned attractions and effects of Universal Studio Hollywood’s Studio Tram tour, as few remain to this day while others linger around the tour hidden in plain sight.

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TheStudioTour.com (too many pages to list here, but check out their amazing articles on past attractions)

Inside Universal

Stone Mason aka Universalstonecutter

Looking Back: 50 Years of the Studio Tour

Hollywood Terrace


Battle of Galactica




Timeline Drive

Videos used:

Archival footage –


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44 thoughts on “Yesterworld: Universal's Abandoned Tram Tour Attractions (Universal Studios Hollywood Tour))

  1. I went there in 82 and remember the galatica ship and battle like it was yesterday as it scared the shite out of 6 year old me! The falling bridge which if I remember correctly was used in an episode of Knight Rider, the ice tunnel, jaws, Red Sea, the pink submarine, the train which also scared me and remember sitting in the model t Ford with my sister! Happy memories

  2. YesterWorld. When the tram went through the Ice Tunnel if you weren't sitting in the right car ( rear one) you didn't get the effect of the tram tumbiling down the tunnel. The attraction was so noisey it's a wonder we are all not deaf! My notes tell me that lifting the van was part of the 6 million dollar Man attraction at Universal. Cheers, Chris Perry.

  3. Universal employee: Did you enjoy the tram tour?
    Me: No.
    Employee: Why not?
    Me: It didn't have The Lottery, starring Bette Midler.

  4. I remember most of these, man the 80’s were cool, man I’m getting old. Also, the spinning tunnel was also used in the Bionic Man, the BigFoot episode. The Galactica attraction was actually really cool, I still have photos of me inside the ship sitting next to my Grandma, I was like 6.

  5. There was an arsonist targeting studio for a number of decades but we haven't had a problem in 20 years so whoever he is he's probably not even alive anymore

  6. I’ve got to mess around in the back lot after the park closed. Was a lot more interesting checking out a lot of the sets.

  7. when the new king kong ride was in it's first years i was on a tram that caught on fire in the entryway

  8. Fires= insurance fraud?

    If universal was tight on money, and wanted a new attraction- why not just burn down the old one? Call it accidental. Every ten years, after the attractions are getting kind of old, burn down the old one and start a new one.

  9. Fires to destroy old sets on the tour in order to use insurance money to pay for new sets? Not too far fetched

  10. Absolutely disappointed with the current Tram Tour. It's a shadow of it's former self. The Warner Brothers Studio tour is so much better.

  11. I miss the abandoned attractions but then again, the studio needs to evolve to keep everything fresh. The two attractions I miss the most are The Back to the Future ride and the Backdraft experience.

  12. Our family went in 1984 and all the attractions had some kind of an A-Team tie-in. The van you could lift was painted as the A-Team van. There was a Mr. T lookalike taking pictures and signing autographs. There were manniquins of other characters staged at the flood, the parting sea, etc. The Battlestar Galactica attraction was still going at the time, though I remember thinking it was "old and boring" at the time. We also did a screen test where I rode in the back of a bi-plane that turned upside down. Still have that VHS somewhere…

  13. I remember visiting sometime in the mid-to late 1960s. That tram tour seemed to last for several hours. The original 'Airport' must have been around in theaters at the time. The tram took us thru a building containing a cutaway of the aircraft's fuselage. Stops along the way included walk-thrus of sets…..with behind-the scenes explanations by knowledgeable tour guides. There were dressing rooms, a model shop….a stop at the 'prop plaza…….McHale's lagoon, with the PT-73. Even met Al Lewis ( Grandpa Munster ). I was only around 12 or 13, but the whole experience really amazed me……seeing the backlots & learning some movie history. Wish I could go back NOW to relive that day. I finally returned in the late 1990s, but was sadly disappointed, because the tour was so short, with NO stops along the way. Seemed like the focus had turned to building a bunch of amusement park rides based on movies.

  14. I used to go to Universal Studios fairly often as a kid in the mid 70s all the way through high school in the late 80s and I swear for a while I remember the tram tour guides saying something about an overturned car in the lake under the collapsing bridge either being from an episode of Columbo or in an episode of Mannix, but I can’t find anything that says a single thing about either of those references. But I do remember some junky old beater like Columbo’s 1960s Peugeot being half-submerged in the water for a while and the guides making a Columbo or Mannix reference, but like I said, I can’t find anything to back up my unreliable memory. But maybe you’ll have better luck searching with those two possible directions. Now this is gonna bug me until I can find something about what car that was in the lake…

  15. I remember, as a teenager back in the late 70's, the tram tours took about two hours, with a 1/2 hour break at the "prop plaza" (10:58). There you could get THE best BBQ beef sandwiches ever made!!

  16. 7:53 also, Hitch didn't want to meet Señor Spielbergo because Steven was the new kid on the block, & Hitch HATED him because his own career was long over. 🙁

  17. I like your videos but please stop inserted yourself so many times in each one. It smacks of narcissism.

  18. I refuse to go on the Universal Tram Tour with the 3D King Kong and Fast and Furious crap.

  19. 1980 was my 1st time at Universal. I was 6. When we were approaching the Jaws set, I knelt down to see what was the attraction. When Jaws rose in front of me, I freaked out and my Disney baseball cap fell into the water. We had to stop the tram to try to look for my cap but it never surfaced. I thought Jaws ate it.

    5 years later I went back, this time cursing at Jaws for eating my hat. I also got to lift the A-Team van and spoke with KITT from Knight Rider.

    I miss all the practical FXs attractions in the Tram Tour. I was fortunate to experience the Battlestar one in 1980. I don't really like the new Fast and Furious and King Kong ones.

  20. It wasn't an 'A-Team' van, it was a prop which went along with one of their most popular TV shows form the 70's, 'The Six Million Dollar Man'. I visited Universal in the summer of '78 (long before the A-Team premiered in '83) and at that time the Bionic duo (Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers) and the shows they were on were VERY popular. The van represented how they made a vehicle lift up with little ease for us non-bionic folks. The ice tunnel (at least when I visited in '78) was used also in the Six Million Dollar Man episode which featured Bigfoot as an extra terrestrial robot (I know, stupid idea) and the tram driver mentioned this and how Lee Majors had to practice dozens of times walking through the tunnel before he could do it without falling over. They never mentioned any movie with Clint Eastwood, but that isn't to say it wasn't used for that. I think you have some dates off, the A-Team didn't debut until '83 and yet you have referred to it multiple times in the 70's, which pre-dated any production of the program and the actors. Have I missed something?

  21. burn down attraction every 10 years… claim insurance… rebuild same attraction with major changes to last the next decade and suit a new generation of audience… earn more currency.

  22. You skipped over the "avalanche" tunnel being used as a set in the Six-Million Dollar Man "Bigfoot" episode, and it being described and branded as that for the tram-ride run the 80s and into the early 90s.

  23. 2:26 OH WOW!!!! Now i know I was not imagining it. There WAS a " Submarine Vs. Navy Destroyer " battle on the Universal Tour!
    I remember seeing that on my only visit to Universal in 1968 or 1969 I think as an 11 year old boy.
    I have seen several vintage videos of the " Submarine Attack " without the Destroyer but this quick glimpse is the first time
    I saw the Submarine Vs Navy Destroyer duel.
    Thank you!!!

  24. Yeah, it’s fascinating about these repetitive backlot fires. Keep in mind that all those backlot sets were poorly maintained dried up structures, and generally unsafe. The Studio did not have to follow stringent city fire and safety codes because they were under their own jurisdiction. Set construction was inexpensively built , the Backlot sets used building materials not intended for long term exposure to the environment; bricks and stone were often just wooden plaster facades or fiberglass; interior framing was serviceable but flimsily constructed, roofs leaked and fire prevention was… well it existed but was not rigorously observed or enforced in the extensive backlot set areas. Flammable sources and materials were often left behind facade walls, cleaning materials, old props, rags and trash accumulated, and electrical distribution was often not properly maintained. This information was gathered from film crew members I know who worked on the lot, and often commented about the poor conditions; and were very cautious about working on the old lot areas. And yes, It was a common rumor that the frequent fires might have been set to collect insurance, at least by early Studio management. I believe the last fire was actually caused by workers improperly applying asphalt shingles to a facade.

    After the 2008 fire, sets were finally rebuilt, but used steel and aluminum construction framing along with robust exterior materials; they also integrated sprinkler and modern fire protection practices. But This was after the fire destroyed not only the crumbling old studio set facades …but also the fire spread to film and audio vaults, destroying hundreds of thousands of original movie and tv film masters, videotape masters and music recording masters.

    Even though the temperature controlled UMG Media Archive Facilities employed state of the art fire protection systems, they could not withstand the intensity and fury of the Universal fires once they spread to their building rooftops. The Flames and heat caused major structural damage that quickly spread internally and destroyed the fragile recoding media. The actual severity of this loss went unreported to the public; but an estimated 175,000 original audio source record masters, outtakes and source material, from artists such as Nirvana, to Bing Crosby, to an extensive collection of vintage jazz masters were DESTROYED. DECCA, MCA, A&M, GEFFEN and CHESS labels lost their original Record Masters!!!! The loss was enormous, and the actual level of destruction of the media was kept hidden from even the recording artists for months, until news articles appeared in LA Times and Rolling Stone. It was estimated that up to 500,000 song recordings were lost.

    Lawsuits are only beginning to come to light. It’s really sad, because a significant portion of irreplaceable film and music history was destroyed, all because of the old movie sets left in a neglectful state of condition by the studio.

  25. While these tour experiences might seem crude by today’s standards, it was all very new, innovative and relatively inexpensive investments by today standards, and were designed to compliment Studio film operations.

  26. They don’t make it like they use too. Things change time change too. I’m in 40s. I remember the battlestar galatica ride. I was silly. It was around when my mom divorced my dad. We had fun. Then my late stepdad, me and mom w/ some of my nieces and nephews. That was when arcade was around and the mall was a happening thing. My city still has a mall.

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