The “High School Musical” star says L.A. is “not conducive to living a happy life” while shooting “Down to Earth.” Watch “Daily Pop” weekdays at 9:30am PT | 12:30pm ET.

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Zac Efron Wants to “Get Out” of Hollywood | Daily Pop | E! News


39 thoughts on “Zac Efron Wants to "Get Out" of Hollywood | Daily Pop | E! News

  1. thank you / You Need save yourself and Continue the Journey /!We Mankind have Save our Planet

  2. they r so pressed that no one wanna live in los angeles where everyone is fake and homelessness is everywhere, it's dirty and weird people roam the streets no one can be happy there unless ur crazy urself

  3. They talk like they know him personally and how he feels about being in the spotlight, they clearly have no clue what they’re talking about and they wouldn’t unless they were at the level of fame Zac has had…i’m sure it’s mentally exhausting and he clearly found a greater purpose in his new series which DING DING DING isn’t about getting praise or admiration 🙄

  4. For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins that who so ever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life

  5. Yes because there's no Hollywood anymore. There's no real movies or entertainers.. there's only COVID-19

  6. I think he should. Look at Sandra Bullock she does not live in Hollywood and nicole Kidman. Alec Baldwin. Some celebrities choose to live in the mid west or up north. Sometimes hollywood could be very superficial with all that plastic surgery people do.

  7. Living in Hollywood and Hollywood North aka Vancouver is a toxic environment and it is not healthy to live there as an actor . And it is makes me sick that you are encouraging this as an network and channel

  8. I watched it and he clearly stated after that he is not leaving Hollywood. Anyway I think the guy can say and do what he wants as long as no one is getting hurt.. much love 💗. This was an amazing documentary! Maybe one of the best..

  9. Let ppl live their lives. I don't care bout Zac leaving LA. It is toxic and it's because it's the place ppl could get famous. There's covid out there, homeless, and other matters to onsider than the celebrities making life choices for themselves to make themselves Happy.

  10. Lmaooo Justin was definitely joking, don't take him too seriously. I think Zac should do what is best for his mental welbeing.

  11. He should come back later when he is ready and do like a High School Musical 20 years later kinda thing. All the best Zac only you know what's good for you

  12. Justin has my Heart!!! HE is the Best Host, tue Show could ever have!!! But the Combination with the Other Host….I dig it!!! Please (@tue the Producers) let them there Host moderate this Show constanly!!!!!😍🙌🏾👏🏾

  13. lol Justin is something else lol words can not describe how much I feel like he's my friend in my head lol

  14. Its a false sense of love accolades of men. We were created to look to God for approval. You sell your soul to Satan by compromising your values for money ,fame etc

  15. Zach u deserve to be happy and if leaving Hollywood makes u happy u go for it …. never forget who u really r …. dont be someone u don't want to be . Be U 😊screw what others think …. zach u have people behind 😘 Hollywood is only a job just like if u had another type of job can leave anytime . The sad thing is about Hollywood u pass up on alot of good friends for the Hollywood life and thats ☹ but like i said be who u r not someone they want u to be 😊remember where u came from …

  16. True. Alot of celebs look like empty vessels. Eyes empty, miserable, just different

  17. True. Alot of celebs look like empty vessels. Eyes empty, miserable, just different

  18. Hell yeah, Zac did a smart thing by leaving Hollywood. With all these indictments on these celebrities and the sexual abuse allegations and the Jeffrey Epstein list and the Harvey Weinstein cases , I will would leave too……

  19. This is a great series. He is obviously reviewing and dealing with his mental health and we should be supportive.

    He actively talks about the pressures in Hollywood. And this commenting is irresponsible! He is reconciling his feelings. He is not whining. And that is what it’s being made out like here. ✌🏼

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