Two of the stars from the sitcom Scrubs admit that their show wouldn’t work in PC woke Hollywood. This is why today’s entertainment is a joke.

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41 thoughts on “Zach Braff admits Scrubs wouldn't work in todays woke Hollywood | Modern entertainment is a joke

  1. the SJW's and the bad guys from WW2 have soooooo many things together but there strongest conection is that they have no seen of humor

  2. The funny thing is that most Doctors have said that Scrubs was the most medically accurate tv show for the day to day lives of doctors. More than ER, House, Greys Anatomy, etc.

  3. imagine the 3 stooges not being woke enough for todays hollywood, oh wait…

  4. The people at Twatter have no idea whats works or not. Nearly all shows that they recomend don't work for sure. So do as George Constanza..Do the opposite and i am sure it will work…

  5. this is the only series i remembered so very well and very dear to my heart.

  6. While conservative media had its problems (certain parts of the Hays Code) at least when conservatives dominated mainstream media, edgy content was still able to appear, unlike this left-leaning woke nonsense; at least the conservatives didn't do cancel culture.

  7. wait till sjw tùrds learn about charlie Chaplin tat looks like hìtĺer

  8. Most of the movies are the same only with a different cote of print in current year

  9. Sitcoms of old are the finest Lannister whine
    Friends, SCRUBS, Seinfield 😙👌 mmmm love em could careless about fucktard simptard leftards at all. I WANT ENTERTAINMENT fuck your feelings my feelings is stone concrete 😎 (i also find Racist jokes funny when done right 😊)

  10. I rewatch Scrubs every year. It's fantastic, and I think it has aged really well.

  11. How I met your mother would DEFINATLY! not work in todays society because of the character of Barney Stinson, but its still one of my all time favourite shows and tbh, all the woke people in the world can kiss my ass if they try to take How I met your mother away from me.

  12. The feeling when you realize the future in Demolition Man no longer feels crazy

  13. Friends is edgy?! Oh, boy, don't show them Married with Children, they're heads will literally explode, lol.

  14. 'Friends' wouldn't work because you can't have white only groups nowadays. Always have to a black person to keep an eye on whites.

  15. Honestly… I think hollywood will crawl and beg to get china money and become even more socialist/comunist propaganda

  16. "You get roasted on twitter" there is a solution for that. Don't be on twitter.

  17. All these comments reminded me that I should probably pick up the Married With Children DVD set while I still can, it'd fit nicely next to my complete Scrubs Season 1 to 8 set.

  18. Scrubs would work as Dave Chappel le is back on top of comedy. The only… really the only thing people have to do is to delete Twitter. All problems will be solved as soon as those brain fucked weirdos are no longer listened to.

  19. Friends was okay i guess but Scrubs was so fucking good !!!! Isn't it amazing that people watched the same shit when younger and only now they get offended by the exact same thing. The conclusion here is… it is possible to be more stupid then a ten year old who for obvious reasons wouldn't know a lot. But this brain fucked bull shit comes mainly from people going to universities… which only means that if its hard now it will get only worse.

  20. I never liked Scrubs.
    Dr. Cox's rants about every minor thing got old real fast.
    But maybe that's because i know a guy who is actually like that.

  21. Was scrubs even controversial? Other than that awful last season no one watched it was pretty inoffensive I thought. And funny

  22. Me and my sister loved watching Friends when we were growing up and we still get a laugh whenever an episode appears on TV. It is a shame shows like this are not made anymore, now there is hardly anything good on regular, you can only get them as exclusives on subscription like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  23. He only made these dumbass comments because in Scrubs he did a blackface scene. He saw what happened to Jimmy Fallon and wanted to go out and virtue signal in case he got called out because he's a far left moron like most celebrities.

    All he did here was to try to ruin a great show because he only cares about his nonexistent career in the future.

  24. The Todd alone wouldn’t make the cuts he was a comical sarcastic mockery or super male sexuality and sexist comments etc. great character.

  25. if the online people aren't as stupid hippies, it could work. the show could have a mix of new and old cast of characters the new cast would be the new generation of medical staff while the old cast are the mentors. in short the show in the modern world would be a sequel titled Scrubs: Next Generations.

  26. I played TF2 yesterday for old times sake. And heard this line “You died how you lived, by being morbidly obese.”
    I can’t imagine a video game or show now that would allow such risky language. This is the endgame now

  27. Well that's sad.. Scrubs is gem of a show, not really edgy but funny and just a good show. One of my favorites.

  28. LeL get woke go broke, let them burn and see for themselves what they’ve done.

  29. If you don't like it, don't watch it. It's downright arrogant to think you should get to dictate what shows are appropriate for everyone else. I love the show. I've watched the entire series numerous times. The absurdities are what makes it funny.

  30. Scrubs was one of the shows I watched while in University. I'd still say it's the one sitcom that simultaneously manages to still be relevant to me in daily life and freaking hilarious.

  31. I liked scrubs. It was like big bang. I for one ended watching scrubs from beginning to end at least 5x … as i have done with big bang!!

    That's how uno you've got a successful series/ concept/ show on yr hands…. when u can watch them over n over n over again n still not get bored… winner…
    Unlike the sjw/ PC/ loony leftist BULLSH%T that gets churned out on the barn floor nowadays… mentioning no names …. (fake cough *batwahmen!!*)

  32. Well if you force odd and strange values on what is supposed to be normal, then ofcourse series like Friends and the like would be alien now, wouldn't it?

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